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Appendix B. Places in England and Wales affected by the Counties (Detached Parts) Acts 1844

The following is an alphabetical list of those places affected by the Counties (Detached Parts) Act 1844. By this Act many detached parts of Counties were deemed "for all purposes" to be part of the County in which they are locally situate. Column 1 lists the name of each place affected. Column 2 lists the type of place (i.e. parish, hamlet, chapelry etc.). Column 3 lists the County which the place was deemed to be part of following the implemenation of the Act. Column 4 lists the County of the place prior to the passing of the Act.

Place name                      Description of place         Post-1844 County  Pre-1844 County

Ackhamstead (Moor & Finnemoor)  part of Lewknor parish       Buckinghamshire   Oxfordshire       
Alstone                         Hamlet in Overbury parish    Gloucestershire   Worcestershire    
Ancroft                         Parochial chapelry           Northumberland    Durham            
Bedlington                      Parish                       Northumberland    Durham            
Beerhall                        Tything in Axminster parish  Dorset            Devon             
Belford, part of                Parish                       Northumberland    Durham            
Boycott                         Hamlet                       Buckinghamshire   Oxfordshire       
Bridgerule, part of             Parish                       Devon             Cornwall          
Broad Hinton                    Liberty in Hurst Par. Chap.  Berkshire         Wiltshire         
Broom                           Parish                       Worcestershire    Staffordshire     
Bwlch Trewyn                    Hamlet                       Monmouthshire     Herefordshire     
Carreghova                      Township                     Montgomeryshire   Denbighshire      
Caversfield                     Parish                       Oxfordshire       Buckinghamshire   
Clent                           Parish                       Worcestershire    Staffordshire     
Coleshill                       Hamlet                       Buckinghamshire   Hertfordshire     
Craike                          Parish                       Yorkshire NR      Durham            
Didnam                          Tything in Shinfield parish  Berkshire         Wiltshire         
Farlow                          Chapelry                     Shropshire        Herefordshire     
Farne Islands                   Extra-parochial              Northumberland    Durham            
Glasbury, part of               Parish                       Brecknockshire    Radnorshire       
Great Lemhill Farm              in Broughton Boggs parish    Gloucestershire   Oxfordshire       
Halesowen, part of              Parish                       Worcestershire    Shropshire        
Holwell                         Parish                       Dorset            Somerset          
Holy Island                     Parish                       Northumberland    Durham            
Iccomb, Part of                 Parish                       Gloucesterhsire   Worcestershire    
Inglesham, part of              Parish                       Wiltshire         Berkshire         
Kingswood                       Parish                       Gloucestershire   Wiltshire         
Kyloe                           Parochial chapelry           Northumberland    Durham            
Langford, part of               Parish                       Oxfordshire       Berkshire         
Lea, part of                    Parish                       Herefordshire     Gloucestershire   
Lillingstone Lovell             Parish                       Buckinghamshire   Oxfordshire       
Little Compton                  Parish                       Warwickshire      Gloucestershire   
Little Faringdon                Tything                      Oxfordshire       Berkshire         
Little Washbourne               Hamlet in Overbury parish    Gloucestershire   Worcestershire    
Litton and Cascob, part of      Township                     Radnorshire       Herefordshire     
Minty                           Parish                       Wiltshire         Gloucestershire   
Monkhouse                       Extra-parochial              Northumberland    Durham            
Moor & Finnemoor (Ackhamstead)  part of Lewknor parish       Buckinghamshire   Oxfordshire       
Norham                          Parish                       Northumberland    Durham            
North Ambersham                 Tything in Steep parish      Sussex            Hampshire         
Oxenwood                        Tything in Shalbourn parish  Wiltshire         Berkshire         
Poulton                         Parish                       Gloucestershire   Wiltshire         
Rochford                        Parish                       Worcestershire    Herefordshire     
Scropton, part of               Township                     Staffordshire     Derbyshire        
Shenington                      Parish                       Oxfordshire       Gloucestershire   
Shilton                         Parish                       Oxfordshire       Berkshire         
Shinfield part of               Parish                       Berkshire         Wiltshire         
South Ambersham                 Tything in Steep parish      Sussex            Hampshire         
Stockland                       Parish                       Devon             Dorset            
Studley                         Hamlet                       Oxfordshire       Buckinghamshire   
Stutridge and Cadmoor End       part of Lewknor parish       Oxfordshire       Buckinghamshire   
Sutton-under-Brailes            Parish                       Warwickshire      Gloucestershire   
Swallowfield, part of           Parish                       Berkshire         Wiltshire         
Thorncombe                      Parish                       Dorset            Devon             
Tutnall and Cobley              Township                     Worcestershire    Warwickshire      
Tweedmouth                      Parochial chapelry           Northumberland    Durham            
Vaultersholme                   Tything                      Cornwall          Devon             
Welsh Bicknor                   Parish                       Herefordshire     Monmouthshire     
Widford                         Parish                       Oxfordshire       Gloucestershire   
Wokingham, part of              Parish                       Berkshire         Wiltshire          

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