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3. Key to Abbreviations

 Table 1. Column 4: Administrative County
 Table 2. Column 5: District
 Table 3. Column 6: Unitary Authority Area
 Table 4. Column 7: Police Area
 Table 5. Column 8: Country/Region

Table 1. Column 4: Administrative County

Bucks     Buckinghamshire          
Cambs     Cambridgeshire                                      
Cumbri    Cumbria                 
Derbys    Derbyshire     
Devon     Devon
Dorset    Dorset   
E Susx    East Sussex   
Essex     Essex       
Gloucs    Gloucestershire         
Hants     Hampshire                
Herts     Hertfordshire 
Kent      Kent              
Lancs     Lancashire   
Leics     Leicestershire               
    Lincs     Lincolnshire 
    Norflk    Norfolk                 
    N York    North Yorkshire         
    Nhants    Northamptonshire       
    Notts     Nottinghamshire                  
    Oxfds     Oxfordshire                         
    Somset    Somerset                
    Staffs    Staffordshire           
    Sufflk    Suffolk      
    Surrey    Surrey             
    W Susx    West Sussex             
    Warks     Warwickshire                      
    Worcs     Worcestershire           

Table 2. Column 5: District

Adur       Adur
All'dale   Allerdale
Amber Va   Amber Valley
Arun       Arun
Ashfield   Ashfield
Ashford    Ashford
Ayles Va   Aylesbury Vale
Babergh    Babergh
Barrow     Barrow-in-Furness
Bas&Dean   Basingstoke and Deane
Basildon   Basildon
Bass'law   Bassetlaw
Blaby      Blaby
Bolsover   Bolsover
Boston     Boston
Bra'tree   Braintree
Breckl'd   Breckland
Brentw'd   Brentwood
Broadl'd   Broadland
Bromsg'e   Bromsgrove
Broxb'ne   Broxbourne
Broxtowe   Broxtowe
Burnley    Burnley
Can'bury   Canterbury
CannockC   Cannock Chase
Carlisle   Carlisle
Castle P   Castle Point
C'bridge   Cambridge
C'church   Christchurch
Charnw'd   Charnwood
Chel'ham   Cheltenham
Chelms'd   Chelmsford
Cherwell   Cherwell
Ch'field   Chesterfield
Chich'er   Chichester
Chiltern   Chiltern
Chorley    Chorley
Colch'er   Colchester
Copeland   Copeland
Corby      Corby
Cotswold   Cotswold
Craven     Craven
Crawley    Crawley
Dacorum    Dacorum
Dartford   Dartford
Daventry   Daventry
Der Dale   Derbyshire Dales
Dover      Dover
E Cambs    East Cambridgeshire
E Devon    East Devon
E Dorset   East Dorset
E Hants    East Hampshire
E Herts    East Hertfordshire
E Linds    East Lindsey
E Nthant   East Northamptonshire
E Staffs   East Staffordshire
Eastb'ne   Eastbourne
Eastl'gh   Eastleigh
Eden       Eden
Elmbr'ge   Elmbridge
Epping F   Epping Forest
Epsom&Ew   Epsom and Ewell
Erewash    Erewash
Exeter     Exeter
Fareham    Fareham
Fenland    Fenland
Fo Heath   Forest Heath
For Dean   Forest of Dean
Fylde      Fylde
G Yarmth   Great Yarmouth
Gedling    Gedling
Glou'ter   Gloucester
Gosport    Gosport
Gra'sham   Gravesham
Guildf'd   Guildford
Hamb'ton   Hambleton
Harboro    Harborough
Har'gate   Harrogate
Harlow     Harlow
Hart       Hart
Hastings   Hastings
Havant     Havant
Her'mere   Hertsmere
HighPeak   High Peak
Hinc&Bos   Hinckley and Bosworth
Horsham    Horsham
Hunts      Huntingdonshire
Hyndburn   Hyndburn
Ipswich    Ipswich
Ketter'g   Kettering
KL&Wnorf   King's Lynn and West Norfolk
Lanc'ter   Lancaster
Lewes      Lewes
Lichf'ld   Lichfield
Lincoln    Lincoln
M Devon    Mid Devon
M Sufflk   Mid Suffolk
M Sussex   Mid Sussex
Mal Hill   Malvern Hills
Maldon     Maldon
Mansf'ld   Mansfield
Ma'stone   Maidstone
Melton     Melton
Mendip     Mendip
Mole Val   Mole Valley
N Devon    North Devon
N Dorset   North Dorset
N Forest   New Forest
N Herts    North Hertfordshire
N Kestvn   North Kesteven
N Norflk   North Norfolk
N Warks    North Warwickshire
NE Derby   North East Derbyshire
New&Sher   Newark and Sherwood
No'mpton   Northampton
Norwich    Norwich
N-u-Lyme   Newcastle-under-Lyme
Nun&Bedw   Nuneaton and Bedworth
NW Leics   North West Leicestershire
Oad&Wigs   Oadby and Wigston
Oxford     Oxford
Pendle     Pendle
Preston    Preston
Purbeck    Purbeck
Redditch   Redditch
Reig&Ban   Reigate and Banstead
Ribble V   Ribble Valley
Ri'shire   Richmondshire
Rochford   Rochford
Ros'dale   Rossendale
Rother     Rother
Rugby      Rugby
Run'mede   Runnymede
Rushclif   Rushcliffe
Rushmoor   Rushmoor
Ryedale    Ryedale
S Bucks    South Bucks
S Cambs    South Cambridgeshire
S Derbys   South Derbyshire
S Hams     South Hams
S Holl'd   South Holland
S Kestvn   South Kesteven
S Lakeld   South Lakeland
S Norflk   South Norfolk
S Nthant   South Northamptonshire
S Oxfdsh   South Oxfordshire
S Ribble   South Ribble
S Somset   South Somerset
S Staffs   South Staffordshire
Scarboro   Scarborough
Sedgem'r   Sedgemoor
Selby      Selby
Sev'oaks   Sevenoaks
Sfflk Co   Suffolk Coastal
Shepway    Shepway
Spel'rne   Spelthorne
St Alban   St. Albans
St Edmun   St. Edmundsbury
Staf Mor   Staffordshire Moorlands
Stafford   Stafford
Stev'nge   Stevenage
Stratf'd   Stratford-on-Avon
Stroud     Stroud
Surrey H   Surrey Heath
Swale      Swale
Tamworth   Tamworth
Tandr'ge   Tandridge
Taun Dea   Taunton Deane
Teign'ge   Teignbridge
Tendring   Tendring
Test Val   Test Valley
Tew'bury   Tewkesbury
Th River   Three Rivers
Thanet     Thanet
Ton&Mall   Tonbridge and Malling
Torridge   Torridge
Tun Well   Tunbridge Wells
Uttles'd   Uttlesford
W Devon    West Devon
W Dorset   West Dorset
W Lancs    West Lancashire
W Linds    West Lindsey
W Oxfdsh   West Oxfordshire
W Somset   West Somerset
Warwick    Warwick
Watford    Watford
Waveney    Waveney
Waverley   Waverley
Wealdon    Wealdon
Wel'boro   Wellingborough
Welw Hat   Welwyn Hatfield
Wey&Port   Weymouth and Portland
Wh Horse   Vale of White Horse
Win'ster   Winchester
Woking     Woking
Wor'ster   Worcester
Worthing   Worthing
Wychavon   Wychavon
Wycombe    Wycombe
Wyre       Wyre
Wyre For   Wyre Forest

Table 3. Column 6: Unitary Authority Area

Aberdeen   City of Aberdeen
Aberdnsh   Aberdeenshire
Angus      Angus
Arg&Bute   Argyll and Bute
B&NESoms   Bath and North East Somerset
Bark&Dag   Barking and Dagenham
Barnet     Barnet
Barnsley   Barnsley
Bedford    Bedford
Bexley     Bexley
Birm'ham   Birmingham
Bl Gwent   Blaenau Gwent
Blackb'n   Blackburn with Darwen
Blackp'l   Blackpool
Bolton     Bolton
Bourn'th   Bournemouth
Brac For   Bracknell Forest
Bradford   Bradford
Brent      Brent
Bridgend   Bridgend
Brig&Hov   Brighton and Hove
Bristol    Bristol
Bromley    Bromley
Bury       Bury
C London   City of London
C of Her   County of Herefordshire
Caerph'y   Caerphilly
Cal'dale   Calderdale
Camden     Camden
Cardiff    Cardiff
Carms      Carmarthenshire
Cen Beds   Central Bedfordshire
Cered'on   Ceredigion
ChesEast   Cheshire East
ChesWest   Cheshire West and Chester
Clackman   Clackmannanshire
Conwy      Conwy
Cornwall   Cornwall
C Durham   County Durham
Coventry   Coventry
Croydon    Croydon
Darl'ton   Darlington
Denbighs   Denbighshire
Derby      Derby
Donc'ter   Doncaster
Dudley     Dudley
Dum&Gall   Dumfries and Galloway
Dundee     City of Dundee
E Ayrs     East Ayrshire
E Dunbar   East Dunbartonshire
E Lothn    East Lothian
E R York   East Riding of Yorkshire
E Renfrs   East Renfrewshire
Ealing     Ealing
Ed'burgh   City of Edinburgh
Enfield    Enfield
Falkirk    Falkirk
Fife       Fife
Flints     Flintshire
Gatesh'd   Gateshead
Glasgow    City of Glasgow
Gre'wich   Greenwich
Gwynedd    Gwynedd
Hackney    Hackney
Halton     Halton
Ham&Fulh   Hammersmith and Fulham
Haringey   Haringey
Har'pool   Hartlepool
Harrow     Harrow
Havering   Havering
Highland   Highland
Hil'gdon   Hillingdon
Hounslow   Hounslow
I Scilly   Isles of Scilly
I Temple   Inner Temple
Invercly   Inverclyde
IofAngle   Isle of Anglesey
IofWight   Isle of Wight
Isling'n    Islington
Ken&Chel    Kensington and Chelsea
King u H    Kingston upon Hull
King U T    Kingston upon Thames
Kirklees    Kirklees
Knowsley    Knowsley
Lambeth     Lambeth
Leeds       Leeds
Leic'ter    Leicester
Lewisham    Lewisham
Liverp'l    Liverpool
Luton       Luton
M Temple    Middle Temple
Manch'er    Manchester
Medway      Medway
Merthyr     Merthyr Tydfil
Merton      Merton
Mid'boro    Middlesbrough
Midloth     Midlothian
Milt Key    Milton Keynes
Monmths     Monmouthshire
Moray       Moray
N Ayrs      North Ayrshire
N Lanark    North Lanarkshire
N Lincs     North Lincolnshire
N Somset    North Somerset
N Tynesd    North Tyneside
N'humber    Northumberland
N U Tyne    Newcastle upon Tyne
Na h-Eil    Na h-Eileanan an Iar
NE Lincs    North East Lincolnshire
Neath PT    Neath Port Talbot
Newham      Newham
Newport     Newport
Nott'ham    Nottingham
Oldham      Oldham
Orkney      Orkney Islands
Pembrks     Pembrokeshire
Perth&Ki    Perth and Kinross
Peterb'h    Peterborough
Plymouth    Plymouth
Poole       Poole
Portsm'h    Portsmouth
Powys       Powys
R U Tham    Richmond upon Thames
Reading     Reading
Red&Clev    Redcar and Cleveland
Redbr'ge    Redbridge
Renfrws     Renfrewshire
RhonCyTa    Rhondda, Cynon, Taff
Rochdale    Rochdale
Roth'ham    Rotherham
Rutland     Rutland
S Ayrs      South Ayrshire
S Gloucs    South Gloucestershire
S Lanark    South Lanarkshire
S Tynesd    South Tyneside
Salford     Salford
Sandwell    Sandwell
Scot Bor    The Scottish Borders
Sefton      Sefton
Sheff'ld    Sheffield
Shetland    Shetland Islands
Shropshr    Shropshire
Slough      Slough
Solihull    Solihull
Soton       Southampton
Southend    Southend-on-Sea
Southw'k    Southwark
St Helen    St. Helens
Stirling    Stirling
Stockp't    Stockport
Stockton    Stockton-on-Tees
Stok-o-T    Stoke-on-Trent
Sun'land    Sunderland
Sutton      Sutton
Swansea     Swansea
Swindon     Swindon
T Hamlet    Tower Hamlets
Tameside    Tameside
Tel&Wrek    Telford and Wrekin
Thurrock    Thurrock
Torbay      Torbay
Torfaen     Torfaen
Trafford    Trafford
Val Glam    The Vale of Glamorgan
W Berks     West Berkshire
W Dunbs     West Dunbartonshire
W Lothn     West Lothian
Wakef'ld    Wakefield
Walsall     Walsall
Walt For    Waltham Forest
Wandsw'h    Wandsworth
War'gton    Warrington
Westmins    Westminster
Wigan       Wigan
Wiltshr     Wiltshire
Win&Maid    Windsor and Maidenhead
Wirral      Wirral
Wok'gham    Wokingham
Wolver'n    Wolverhampton
Wrexham     Wrexham
York        York

Column 7: Police Area

Av&Som    Avon and Somerset            
Beds      Bedfordshire                            
C Lond    City of London                         
C Scot    Central Scotland                       
Cambs     Cambridgeshire                        
Ches      Cheshire                                
Clevel    Cleveland                              
Cumbri    Cumbria                                
Derbys    Derbyshire                             
Dev&Co    Devon and Cornwall    
Dorset    Dorset              
Dum&Ga    Dumfries and Galloway   
Durham    Durham               
Dyf Po    Dyfed Powys
Essex     Essex
Fife      Fife                           
G Manc    Greater Manchester                    
Gloucs    Gloucestershire                        
Grampn    Grampian  
Gwent     Gwent                             
Hants     Hampshire                       
Herts     Hertfordshire                           
Humber    Humberside
Kent      Kent                             
Lancs     Lancashire                              
Leics     Leicestershire
Lincs     Lincolnshire                
Loth&B    Lothian and Borders                    
Mersey    Merseyside                             
Metrop    Metropolitan                 
N York    North Yorkshire                        
N Scot    Northern Scotland                      
N'bria    Northumbria                            
Norflk    Norfolk                                
Notts     Nottinghamshire                        
Nhants    Northamptonshire                       
NWales    North Wales                            
S York    South Yorkshire                        
Staffs    Staffordshire                          
Strath    Strathclyde                            
Sufflk    Suffolk      
Surrey    Surrey
Sussex    Sussex                          
SWales    South Wales                            
Taysde    Tayside                                
Tham V    Thames Valley                          
Warks     Warwickshire                           
W Merc    West Mercia                            
W Mids    West Midlands                         
W York    West Yorkshire                       
Wilts     Wiltshire                               

Table 5. Column 8: Country/Region

E Mids    East Midlands                
East'n    Eastern
London    London                      
N East    North East                  
N West    North West                   
S East    South East                   
S West    South West                   
Scotld    Scotland      
Wales     Wales               
W Mids    West Midlands                
York&H    Yorkshire and the Humber     

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